Play slots is nothing new –but playing online certainly is.

In the history of the world twenty years is not a very long time. That’s why it can sometimes be difficult to take in and that’s when the online gaming revolution began and the first slot machines began to appear. They were fairly basic in those days, compared to the sophisticated, digitally driven slots that can be found readily in your favourite online casinos every time you log in. And it seems that every time you do the more advanced and enjoyable to play the slot machine games are getting.

Even more unbelievable is the fact that all of these games and all of the sophisticated versions that are being developed today all stemmed from a fairly primitive piece of simple engineering developed in the United States towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The world’s first slot machine was the brainchild of a slightly eccentric mechanical engineer with a highly developed sense of curiosity, which went by the name of Charles Fey. Fey came up with the idea of building a fruit machine which he was convinced would make a great children’s game. All that the child would have to do is pull a simple lever that would set some wheels rotating. Once their wheels would stop spinning, then the happy child would be able to see some emblems, all of the different types of fruit.

Hence the name “fruit machine”. There were even occasions when all three pictures of fruit would end up on the same line. If that happened, then the child playing the machine would be even happier.

Fey’s idea caught on very nicely and soon there were fruit machines dotted all around San Francisco, which was the inventor’s home town. Nobody knows for sure if either Fey decided for himself or someone suggested to him that his fruit machines could be monetized and adapted to suit an adult audience. Something likes Facebook of the 19th century.

No matter who came up with the idea, playing the fruit machine for money proved to be a fantastic hit with adults, and soon the fruit machine slot was finding its way into bars, saloons and land casinos all over the United States, eventually making its way over the globe.

Over the years slots continued to develop and many variations on this theme began to show up. The fruit gradually disappeared to be placed by many other pictures, with the most important factor remaining. And that was to find a winning line.

Gradually the old handle that was needed to make the wheels rotate the digitisation took effect. Players now only needed to press a button to cause the wheels to spin. In the land casinos of the world you would always be able to find rows of slot players all pushing buttons and looking out for the big jackpot.

Their numbers have now grown thinner thanks to the arrival of the online slot. Nowadays players do need to travel to the casinos to play their favourite slot games. They can play when they want in the comfort and security of their own home. And it’s all down to a man with an idea that getting some cherries in a straight line would make some children happy.