Free Slot Tips

Whilst one slot generally has equal chance of paying out as the next one, some believe that choosing the less popular slots results in more wins. This is easier said than done – after all, how can you tell which slots aren’t being played as much as others?

Well, here’s my red hot tip – visit BlackjackBallroom or YukonGold, click through to the games section and check out all their free play online slots games. There’re about 300 of them, but what you’re looking for is something that doesn’t stand out. Maybe one of the earlier releases, something that wouldn’t appeal to everyone. The free blackjack games online are amazing too, but it all depends what you’re looking for.

Obviously, the flashier titles like Mega Moolah, Tomb Raider and The Lord of the Rings slot are in the news all the time for their massive payouts and updated features, but the ones hiding away there in the background are, IMHO, the ones to look out for. I would also recommend playing slots a French online casino, just to get a bif of variety – the language barrier can be a little difficult at first but once you get the hang of it it’s all good. But remember, the french call slots machine a sous.

Other than that, all I can offer in the way of tips is to play the field. There is no gold casino where every slot pays out 100% of the time, but there are so many online slots on offer at any of the online casinos featured on this site, that if you think that one of them isn’t paying out as much as it should, don’t stick it out on the same slot – pack it in and move onto a different one. I always find the Danish Casino Classic has a good payout rate but others think differently.

All it takes is a few clicks and you’re back to the online casino lobby, then from there click on the next online slot that takes your fancy. Or, if you’re feeling really daring you could have a go at internet blackjack, roulette or video poker to mix it up before going back to slots. Spreading yourself like this means you’ll be getting the best out of each individual slot’s features. You can even play at online casinos on your mobile device if you want.

My top casino picks for the week

  • Casino Classic – they offer a fantastic $500 free bonus slots for all new players. This is a great chance for you to try out the slot games I have mentioned on my site as well as 100s of others!
  • Golden Tiger Casino – these guys are a fantastic Microgaming gambling casino that offers a $1500 free casino bonus. They showcase some of the best online slot games on the internet. So be sure to check these guys out as well!
  • Yukon Gold Casino – is a world class 1 hour free play casino with a huge selection of online casino games to play. Plus they offer $1000 Free just for signing up!